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AUS-8 Poor quality of structural design on high-rise buildings

The correspondent has been very concerned about the quality of structural engineering on some projects in recent years, particularly for certain high-rise buildings.

AUS-3 Safety concern about the design of thin concrete walls

The reporter raises their concern about the design of thin concrete load-bearing walls, sometimes supporting 10 or more stories.

Current matters
under consideration

  • Quality of documentation
  • Competency
  • Communication and change management
  • Design of RC walls
  • Temporary works
  • Deep excavations
  • Light gauge steel trusses

Reports on these subjects are sought, as well as on any other safety issues.


Confidential Reporting

Confidential reporting is a well-established safety procedure especially in aviation, one of the first being ASRS (Aviation Safety Reporting System) developed by NASA in 1976 for the Federal Aviation Authority in the USA and as a result of its success, similar schemes have been developed in a number of other countries. In the UK, this is CHIRP (Confidential Reporting Programme for Aviation and Maritime) and in Australia it is REPCON (Aviation Confidential Reporting Scheme). These along with similar schemes in other countries are coordinated by ICASS (International Confidential Aviation Safety Systems) that promotes confidential reporting systems as an effective method of enhancing flight safety in commercial air transport and general aviation operations.

CROSS is the first confidential reporting scheme to deal with structures and CROSS-AUS is a development aimed at promoting structural safety in Australasia.

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